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Career Development International


What Happens Now? Reinvent Yourself as a Leader Before Your Business Outruns You
By John Hillen and Mark Nevins

A pragmatic and highly readable book based on an untypical premise: the paradox that successful leaders will struggle and stall in their careers because of their successes. As the stakes rise, leaders often don’t recognize that their job gets harder not because they have failed to master the challenges of complexity: technical, financial, structural. Rather, it’s their failure to master the growing sophistication that confronts them as they become more senior and take on greater responsibility. 

Periodically, all leaders need to reinvent themselves by developing new strategic, political, interpersonal, and self-management skills to inspire people, nurture relationships, energize teams, groom successors, and influence stakeholders. What Happens Now? shows you how, with stories from dozens of leaders and specific tools you can use to avoid stalling, and soar instead.

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The Advice Business: Essential Tools and Models for Management Consulting
By Charles Fombrun and Mark Nevins

A comprehensive overview of the business and profession of management consulting, with contributions from both academics and practitioners, including original case descriptions based on real consulting assignments, pragmatic models and tool, and career advice. The Advice Business introduces readers to the art, the practice, and the problems that consultants face, as it sheds light on the complex roles that consultants and consulting firms play in enhancing the effectiveness of their clients. For almost twenty years, this book has been the go-to textbook for courses at major business schools including The University of Virginia (Darden) and New York University.

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