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Michael Palumbo is a coach and consultant to senior executives and new managers, and he is a regular speaker in his areas of expertise. Michael supports professionals to confidently take risks, find comfort in uncertainty, lead through crisis, and reignite passion in their careers.

Michael’s mission is to bring heart and soul to the corporate world. Anchored in two decades of leading global teams and high-profile projects, he serves his clients in the following areas:


  • Coaching first-time managers and senior leaders: Michael supports clients through upward transitions to maximize impact and build successful teams. Clients develop skills to influence, delegate, articulate vision, and align organizations. 

  • Leading through crisis: Through global, organizational, or personal times of uncertainty, Michael guides leaders under stress to think, operate, and execute strategically. By working on their “inner game,” clients experience reduced stress, clearer decision-making, and increased collaboration.

  • Managing difficult conversations:  Michael offers individual coaching, webinars, and workshops on how to manage uncomfortable conversations including delivering feedback and how to safely talk about differences such as race and culture.

  • Program and Project Management: Michael serves as a lead consultant or program/project manager on initiatives including Integrations, Cybersecurity, Infrastructure and Agile Software Development.

Michael’s coaching and consulting experience spans across Financial Services, Health Care, Insurance, Technology, and Operations. In addition to being part of a startup core, he has served as an engagement management consultant at global financial institutions. With every assignment, he works with new teams to establish trust, solve problems, and deliver impactful solutions. Some of his greatest successes are tied to pivotal historical events such as disaster recovery after the September 11th attacks in 2001, rebounding during the credit crisis of 2008, and national branch conversions during Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

After earning a Bachelor’s Degree from the College of the Holy Cross, Michael pursued a Masters of Divinity at Harvard. Upon realizing that academia was not his passion, he changed direction and discovered his three callings: Leadership, Coaching, and Fatherhood. Michael is credentialed through the International Coach Federation as an Associate Certified Coach and has a Hogan Assessments Certification. He is certified as a Project Management Professional and a Certified Scrum Master.

In his free time, Michael enjoys cooking, hiking, photography, and playing t-ball with his son.

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