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Jeanmarie is an organizational learning and development consultant with over 30 years of experience in coaching executives and designing and facilitating adult learning initiatives that align with an organization’s strategy and support a high performance culture.  

Jeanmarie’s three main areas of expertise include:

  • Leadership Development, partnering with Fortune 100 organizations in finance, legal, pharmaceutical and information services industries to design and facilitate leadership development initiatives that include 360 feedback, blended learning approaches. and simulated practice/feedback session. She has also designed and delivered workshops in performance management, delegation, providing feedback, coaching, conflict resolution, change management, and teambuilding.

  • Executive Coaching mid- to senior-level executives to increase self-awareness and build competencies to achieve their professional goals. Engagements include transitioning to managing others, increasing self-confidence, self-regulation, empathy, and other emotional intelligence competencies.

  • Professional Skills Development including workshops that grow the capabilities in the areas of communication, conflict resolution, influencing others, presentation skills, providing feedback, self-reviews, and team building.

Jeanmarie has trained hundreds of professionals in New York City, nationally, and internationally.  She is certified in personality/style assessments including MBTI and DiSC, as well as Emotional Competency Inventory, Strength Deployment Inventory, Hogan Assessment Series and a number of other 360-degree assessments.

A native of New York, Jeanmarie attended Fordham University, where she received her Master’s of Science in Education and Training & Development.  She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Merrimack College in Andover, Massachusetts.  She is a loving and devoted mother to her son, Samuel.

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