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Adam Mirabella is a coach and consultant to senior executives and “up and coming” managers. He supports professionals to define and own their leadership styles, engage and mobilize their teams, manage the “overwhelm” and drive real business results.

Adam serves his clients in the following areas:


  • Leadership development: It is important for a leader to understand how they are showing up to direct reports and senior executives alike. Adam works closely with executives to understand, define and refine their leadership presence. 

  • Coaching senior leaders and “up and coming” managers (Hi-Potentials): Adam supports clients through organizational transitions to maximize engagement with their teams. The higher the team engagement, the more results-driven the organization is.  Clients develop vision, mission, values, skills to influence, delegate and mobilize. 

  • Emotional Intelligence:  Adam is the rare executive coach who not only understands EQ but is certified in this important area of organizational development. Adam brings tools, insights and experiences that aid leaders in building highly emotionally intelligent teams which ensures a team with the culture to persevere through any business reality.

  • Presenting with authority: Adam is an expert in presentation skills and has presented at some of the most prestigious conferences globally including CES and South By Southwest. Adam develops his clients’ ability to present with more confidence and authority.  Whether presenting to the board or to an extended team of direct reports, the client will learn how to “own” the content and audience.


Adam’s experience spans across Tech, Media, Financial Services, and Start Ups in various industries.  His style builds trust quickly with clients so they can focus on moving forward against their goals. As a coach, Adam creates an environment that challenges his clients to exceed their expectations of themselves and deliver for themselves, their teams, and the organization. 

Following his MBA, Adam ran teams at Coca-Cola, Time Warner, Sony, and Omnicom.  He is certified as an Executive Coach with both the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE). He is also is in Genos Emotional Intelligence and Profile XT (Thinking Style and Behavioral Traits) Assessment.  Adam is part of the International Coaching Federation’s Professional Development committee which helps other coaches maximize the different tools available to support clients.  He is also part of the Outreach committee which provides pro-bono coaching for minority charities and nonprofits.

In his free time, Adam enjoys playing music, skiing, traveling, and experiencing new cultures and foods.

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