Taran Swan is a consultant, advisor, and coach who works with executives and companies to help them achieve financial, operational, and strategic results. Her clients include heads of businesses, senior managers, and executive teams.


Taran’s primary consulting services focus on:


  • Executive development and coaching

  • Business strategy and planning

  • Organizational development

In her prior career, Taran was an Executive Vice President of Nickelodeon, and she served on Nickelodeon’s Executive Committee and ran Nickelodeon’s New Media group. Prior to that, she launched and ran Nickelodeon Latin America, an experience that was chronicled in the Harvard Business School case study, Taran Swan at Nickelodeon Latin America. That case is now part of HBS’s Leadership Curriculum; is ranked on HBS’s Most Popular Studies list; and is used in MBA and executive management curricula at business schools around the world.

Taran focuses on leveraging her organizational background through consulting with a wide range of companies and universities. In addition to coaching senior executives, she is also on the Coaching Faculty of Harvard Business School where she coaches senior executives in HBS’s Leadership Development Programs. Having built and run several businesses, as well as having managed hundreds of people and having had full P&L responsibility, Taran brings a unique practitioner perspective to her clients.

Taran has served on the boards of a venture capital fund and an early-stage multicultural multimedia business backed by Goldman, Sachs & Co. She received her undergraduate computer science degree from the University of California, Berkeley, attended NYU’s Courant Graduate School of Mathematics as a Bell Laboratories Fellow, and received her MBA from the Harvard Business School.