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Copie is an expert interpersonal communication skills coach.  She works with organizations to improve the ways in which with they communicate, internally and externally, one-on-one and in groups. Copie’s approach uses video, peer, and instructor feedback to help her clients to become aware and in control of how they come across. Her expertise lies in identifying communications challenges and offering skills and strategies.  She also puts people at ease, so that they’re open to trying new approaches.

Copie’s principal areas of expertise include:


  • Presenting in person, on the phone, or via video – Working with all levels of an organization to help people identify, hone and deliver their message, using PowerPoint materials if relevant. Focusing on the verbal and non-verbal skills necessary to be an authentic, natural and powerful presenter.

  • Winning Business – Helping teams work together to uncover their prospective clients’ needs and goals, and then to ask for the business.

  • Writing better emails – Training professionals to write emails that get read by their recipients


Copie’s past and current clients are CEOs, COOs and CFOs; portfolio managers, analysts, wholesalers and distribution specialists; mathematicians, engineers, scientists, consultants; and professors and administrators at universities such as Columbia, Yale and UMass/Amherst. Copie has also worked with several non-profit organizations. A partial client list includes K2 Advisors (part of Franklin Templeton), QS Investors (part of Legg Mason), Berkshire Residential Investments, and Royal Bank of Canada Global Asset Management.

Copie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Cambridge College in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

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