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The best evidence of our value as a consulting partner is the quality and diversity of the organizations we have served. We take pride in and are defined by what we have helped our clients achieve.

From around the world; large and small; public and private; commercial and not-for-profit; and spanning a wide range of industries, our client list includes:

Financial Services, Insurance, and Healthcare

American Express
Endurance Specialty Holdings
Far East National Bank
Guardian Life Insurance
Liberty Mutual / Ironshore
National Bank of Bahrain
Oppenheimer Funds
United Healthcare

and Industrial

Ford Motor Company
Schindler Elevator
Thyssen Krupp
Tory Burch

Private Equity and Professional Services

Apollo Global Management
Booz Allen Hamilton
Kohlberg, Kravis, and Roberts (KKR)
Insight Venture Partners
Schlumberger Business Consulting
    (now Accenture Energy)

and Media

Cengage Learning
Reed Exhibitions
Scripps Networks
Thomson Reuters
Time Warner
Time Warner Cable


Education, Not-for-Profit, Government, and Military

The Aspen Institute
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Catholic University
The College of the Holy Cross
Encore Community Services

The Federal Executive Institute
New York Public Radio
St. Francis College

United States Air Force



Reid Carpenter
Principal, Booz & Co.

As an executive coach, Libby Halstead pushed me to define for myself the goals and objectives for the coaching, and to be accountable for the pace, progress, and consistency of our work together. Therefore, I "owned" it, not her--which turned out to be a big part of the success. My executive coaching work with Libby represents a true turning point in my career. I had what I consider to be my most successful client engagement to date during that time (the client was not only pleased but felt we had real impact/results and I have maintained deeper relationships with those folks than I did on previous engagements) and I also enjoyed my work more than I had before. I've been on a strong trajectory ever since and am in good position to get promoted this spring.

Keith Slater
Head of HR for Europe, Ingersoll Rand

In the years I have been associated with Tom Gosselin as an executive coach I have always found him to be most receptive to my needs, whether they are on a corporate business level or on a personal basis. In business, Tom will question me to uncover what I am trying to accomplish prior to moving ahead and offering a solution. Rich in humor and anecdotal stories, Tom brings real business experience to his examples and applies strong principles in his actions.

Becky Lock
Senior Director of Learning & Development, Thomson Reuters

Jeanmarie Alessi is a gifted leader and facilitator. I have had the pleasure to work with her for many years and she delivers high-quality results time after time. I have engaged Jeanmarie in many capacities which include developing manager/ leadership offerings, facilitating powerful workshops based on complex material, and to serve as a coach to help leaders develop their strengths. I highly recommend her work and have always been amazed at her ability to keep up on current research in her field of expertise—and in addition she is just plain fun to work with!

Kevin Pelletier
General Manager, Martin-Brower

There is no better coach than Craig McCall out there who can drill down to core opportunities that translate to action plans to develop leadership skills. Craig has helped me and my leadership team immensely, and I am confident that you will see the value in his experience, expertise, and advice.

Jodi Kahn
President, iVillage

Over the course of a year, Mark Nevins worked with my team at NBCUniversal, and he made a significant contribution to instilling a new mindset as we integrated sales, marketing, and editorial. He built trust across the teams and helped develop new processes to enable groups to work much more collaboratively and track positive results. 

John M. Rehl
Former Senior Vice President, Google

I asked Mark Nevins to help with integral pieces of several strategic planning and team alignment sessions. The role that Mark played to facilitate, introduce new learnings, participate as a member of the team, and validate our direction has been invaluable. I appreciate his pragmatic approach and ability to tailor it to our needs. We took a highly fractured organization and turned it into a highly successful team in less than 18 months.

Jan M. Wilmott
Former Director, Boeing Leadership Center

We had the pleasure of working with Dr. Nevins on designing and delivering a number of leadership programs for the Boeing Leadership Center. Mark is a trusted partner whose style, experience, and professionalism separate him from the pack. He is a superb lecturer and a highly ethical consultant.

Christopher Johnstone
Director for Northeast Asia, Office of the Secretary of Defense

Mark Nevins delivered a fantastic program on “Leading Change.” I felt like I was back in college again, but with lots of practical applications. We really benefitted from his experience and perspectives.

Taryn Owen
President, PeopleReady 

Mark Nevins and his talented team played a critical role in helping me lead an organization and culture realignment during a period of explosive organic and acquired growth. Because of Mark’s strategic advice, consultation, and partnership, our firm successfully integrated five companies across three continents. And we did so while retaining key talent and clients, growing the business above industry rates, maintaining a leadership position in our space, launching new innovative technology and a new brand promise, and evolving our culture to one that brings the best of our combined companies. Mark served as a coach and advisor to me and my executive team every step of the way and my learnings from him continue to be applied and have helped me in my ongoing development as an enterprise leader. I couldn’t have done it without Mark and his firm.

Michael Lynton
Chairman and CEO, Sony Pictures Entertainment

I have initiated a number of executive offsites and retreats, and none of them was as good as the one that Mark Nevins designed and led for us. He structured the conversations well. Broke the groups up at the right moments. And most importantly he allowed the conversation to flow as it needed to. I think that the results and the insights that came out of the day were extremely helpful and constructive and I know everyone on our team felt the same way. I can honestly say Mark is the best at what he does and it was a pleasure to spend time with him.

James Burrows
Vice Chairman and former CEO, Charles River Associates

Mark Nevins played a valuable, important, and constructive role in shaping our organizational structure as it evolved to fit the company’s needs and changing profile. He was instrumental in helping to identify the strengths and weaknesses of individual senior leaders. Mark also helped enormously in resolving interpersonal conflicts and in helping with the coaching of key existing and potential new senior leaders of the firm. Through these efforts, the firm has been able to adapt well to the rapidly changing environment in recent years, and in particular we were able to navigate the dramatic effects on our business during and after the economic collapse of 2008-2009. The firm has been able to successfully implement management transitions and develop leaders who will help us grow in the future.

Honor Brodie
Creative Director, Tory Burch

Mark Nevins has conducted workshops and offsites for our team, all of which have been life-enhancing and expanding! Mark understands that the team is the most important part of any organization and he has helped us redefine how we communicate and collaborate. When there is a high level of clarity people thrive, and we are an even higher-functioning team as a result of working with Mark.

Alain Karaoglan
COO, Voya 

Mark is able to bring theory to bear in a practical and achievable approach, and he was instrumental in helping me develop and change the culture of my firm and align my management team around a common set of values and strategic goals. In working with Mark over several years, including periods of significant change, I became a better coach and leader of my team. Mark listens well.  He understands that every executive is different and adapts his approach accordingly. I found him helpful on many fronts, from the individual to the organizational level, and he helped me become a better leader while helping me align my management team.

Richard Lehrfeld
SVP US Brand Marketing and Media, Walmart
Former SVP Global Media and Experiential Marketing at American Express

I worked with Mark Nevins during a critical career inflection point at American Express, and to this day I still credit him with my most profound insights and breakthroughs as a leader. One of the key things Mark taught me to do (especially in situations of conflict) was to seek to lead through empathy, by trying to see the situation through the other person’s eyes, and being aware that my own “rational” or “logical” assessment of things may not be how the other person sees or interprets the situation. I have learned to adapt, ask clarifying and honest questions, be transparent and observant, and then change my lens to coach better, solve issues, and resolve conflict. Doing so has not always been easy for me, but it has led to profound enhancement of my leadership style and, I believe, helped propel me to much higher executive levels than I would have achieved if I hadn’t worked with Mark at a pivotal point in my career.

Joel Bines
Global Retail Co-Head,
Alix Partners

Since I have often been referred to as “uncoachable” over my career, Mark had his work cut out for him when he agreed to work with me. His incredible depth, caring, curiosity, and just the right amount of advice at the right time proved his mettle. Mark has been an incredible advisor and coach, and has made a huge difference to me, at work to be sure, but even in my personal interactions.  Mark of course knows all of the frameworks and tools, but it’s his experience, style, and how he adapts to his clients that makes him so effective. Mark advises without judging; he carefully forces difficult conversations; and he constantly challenges me.

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