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Ankur’s focus as a personal coach is on performance optimization with the belief that a dual focus on work/life/health balance and managing relationships is the key to a successful coaching experience.  True success is a result of high performance at work, fulfillment at home, and a healthy mind and body.  Clients often approach Ankur with a problem in one area but find that maximizing functioning in all three areas leads to lasting change and long-term success.

Ankur was drawn to the practice of medicine because of his interest in helping individuals maintain their physical health.  In medical school, psychiatry caught Ankur’s interest because of the undeniable connection between the mind and the body.  Ankur started his career treating individuals with the basic psychological complaints of depression and anxiety, integrating his personal interest in fitness and nutrition into the treatment.  Ankur noticed something interesting as clients’ initial health complaints were resolved;  they didn’t stop coming in for treatment.  This was interesting because in the traditional medical model, people come in when they’re sick and leave once they feel better.   Ankur realized that this model is obsolete and his work has moved on from helping clients resolve a particular symptom to helping to manage their physical health, career advancement, and personal relationships, something Ankur calls Comprehensive Coaching.  His Comprehensive Coaching clients include executives, performers, and professional athletes.

Ankur received his BA from Harvard College and his MD from Columbia University.  He studied Forensic Psychology at NYU and Bellevue Hospital and has worked with the NY Police Department as well as the Courts to evaluate both law enforcement personnel as well as criminals.  Ankur is a recognized Expert Witness and has been invited as a speaker at NYU, the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy, and John Jay College of Criminal Justice.   He has been quoted in articles for the Wall Street Journal as well as Men’s Health magazine.  Ankur maintains a coaching and psychiatry practice in New York City and in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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