Our driving passion is to help our clients succeed. 

We help develop the insight, awareness, and skills to clarify vision, get results, deepen relationships, inspire trust, work through conflict, and lead change.

​We understand that achieving great business results depends on:

  • Selecting and developing leaders who excel.

  • Cultivating and aligning teams that execute effectively.

  • Creating organizations that perform at high levels.

We work with our clients to turn their ideas into strategies and their strategies into long-term results. In doing so they build capability, get the most out of their people, and remove obstacles in the way of productive individual and organizational change.

The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say “thank you.” In between, the leader is a servant. 

Max DePree


Executive Coaching
and CEO Advisory
Executive Team and Board Alignment Development
Leadership and Organization Development


We have advised and coached senior leaders from the following organizations and many others


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