Our Approach

Since 2003, Nevins Consulting has supported leaders in accelerating the development and effectiveness of their people, teams, and organizations.

Our clients say that what they most value from us, beyond our commitment to great results, is that we take the time, from the beginning, to understand their needs, their particular context, and their ambitions.

At Nevins Consulting, we consistently find ourselves guided by a handful of beliefs, values, and passions:

  • We appreciate that no two companies or situations are alike, and therefore we don’t offer “off-the-shelf” products or solutions. Rather, we collaborate with our clients to develop creative solutions and programs that exactly meet their needs.
  • We suspect there is more art to leadership than most people realize. Effective leadership is based in insight, practice, dialogue, and the desire to be a better leader.
  • We believe that “soft skills” such as persuading, influencing, building consensus, and fostering dialogue are indispensable when it comes to engaging people, motivating them, and holding them accountable. Often, “the soft stuff is the hard stuff.”
  • We know our clients’ emotions and intuitions are just as important as their intellect when it comes to making changes and being better executives.
  • We believe that “doing” and experiential learning are keys to improving performance and changing behavior.
  • We feel that management fads can be counterproductive, and that “cookbook” approaches to leadership don’t work everywhere.
  • We accept complexity, conflict, and risk as natural parts of life, both within and outside business. We understand that any solution must address potential negatives in order to achieve results.